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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Peruvian Dish - Milk Rice

Ok, this is an easy one even sucky cooks like me can work out. This is a typical dish from Lima (the capital city in the coast of Peru). Lima is famous for a large variety of desserts all of which are pretty simple and very sweet.

Milk Rice (Arroz con Leche) is basically white rice with condensed milk. Yes, that's it. You cook some white rice (1/2 cup), preferable a type with a thick grain with a dash of salt and a cinammon splinter (for those who dont know how to cook rice... hey it happens to the best of us, just drop it into boling water (1 1/2 cups) until the water is absorbed, takes like 5 minutes). Once the rice is soft and dry you add a can of condensed milk and then add 3 cans of water (using the empty can of condensed milk). Then just cook on a low fire stirring every now and then until it's thick. A cool variation is to drop some shredded cocont into the mix and some raisins. Serve warm (or cold, it's tasty anyway really). Sprinkle powder cinammon on top.

Try it sometime :)

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