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Saturday, June 25, 2005

2-Minute Magic

It's funny how you never get to do some kid-stuff when you are a kid, but suddenly, when you're grown up (and beyond), you stumble upon those things. As a child, I never played with teddy bears. One simple reason was we couldn't affort investing much into toys and so I could only appreciate teddys at friends' houses. Then, just a couple of years ago, a few American friends started gifting me a second childhood. On any and every occasion--be it a birthday, Christmas or anything else, the would send me these huge teddy bears. At one point it looked like I had to build a new room to house all these furry friends...

Okay, this isn't a Return-to-Innocence blog, so let me cut the toy talk. The reason I mentioned that is the food I am going to talk about now is another item immensely popular with children in India. It's called Maggi Noodles. A Nestle company brand, Maggi has a range of products, from soups, to ketchups, pickles and more. But the noodles remain the most popular in India. So much so that if you say the word Maggi here, it automatically comes to mean the noodles. The reason for the popularity? For one it's easy to cook--takes just 2 minutes to make a packet of Maggi noodles. For another, it tastes yum.

So, as a child, I never had much Maggi. But things changed when I started working. I heard about the glory of this snack from some bachelor colleagues and decided I had to try it. And, did I like it? In fact I felt ashamed, it hadn't entered our kitchen for so long!

The thing about Maggi noodles is it's versatility. There are just so many different ways you can cook it. If you're short of time, you just boil some water, add the noodles and the tastemaker, and bingo, your meal is ready in two minutes. If however, you want to relish it a bit more, add some scrambled eggs with onions in the boiled noodle. And if you want it even more sinfully delightful, cook eggs with some onions and veggies like capsicum, peas, cauliflower/broccoli, and beans and then put the boiled noodles (with tastemaker added) to this mix. Cook for some more minutes and...mmm, you have a hot, divine plate of noodles you just won't be able to resist.

No surprise Maggi (noodles, of course) is ever so popular with children here. And some grown up children too (yours truly).

NOTE: Image courtesy, www.panindia.com

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