(Lima) Beans and Delhi Cha(a)t

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Snacking in the heat

Here's some trivia for those who don't know this. If the word cha(a)t in the title of this blog intrigues you, here's the key to the mystery. Chaat is a hugely loved snack available in Delhi. In fact, it's one of the trademarks of the city itself. Like many snacks that are hard-to-resist for the tongue, chaat too, is by definition unhealthy.

Today, after work, an office friend and I went for a chaat session. As a true Delhiite I am a passionate chaat lover (watch this space for more). You can gauge that from the fact that I teamed up with my colleague to indulge in it when the temperature outside was a blistering 44 degree Celcius (111 F) (I am not joking). Well, the chaat today wasn't all that tempting, and the pictures I took aren't all that great either. So I will not yet talk at length about what chaat is. I want to show you images when I do.

Following the chaat, I went into a bookshop looking for a book I've been planning to read. Tough luck here too. But there was a silver lining...a candy shop just next to the bookstore! Both my friend and I decided to give in to silliness and bought a packet each of candies. Yum stuff. Hard to resist and harder to share. I will, though. Just control yourself a bit there...easy on sugar, okay?

PS: I read the "don't like fish that much" statement. Et tu, Cesar-e? I really need to save money now. To buy that head-smacking equipment, I mean...laptop ;)

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