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Monday, June 06, 2005

Trout Day

Ok, I will say it out loud. I don't like fish that much (at this point Sury is ready to smack me on the head with a laptop). However I must say I have a preference for red fish instead of white fish. You know, tuna, salmon, trout...

So it's Sunday and we bought a nice couple of trouts, they sell them already gutted and opened, ready to grill. The grill is one of my secret passions. I'm terrible in the kitchen but I like using my grill and this is a simple thing to do. You only grill the trout 5 minutes on the meat side and 2 minutes on the skin side and voila! You serve it with this really good sauce made with parsley and garlic. A real treat. We serve it with white rice with some corn. We use choclo, a sort of white maize... think corn on the cob, only white instead of yellowish. It takes this cream color once it's coked. Really nice.

Meanwhile apple pie is on the way. My mother makes a great apple pie and I can't wait to cut a slice this evening, might be nothing left for tomorrow, lol.

Shortly I'll be talking about where this passion for grilling came from. Actually it has to do with cooking shows on tv. You'll get more in a future post :)

Pass the gravy!


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