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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day! (yes, I mean Xmas)

Long time no see! It's been a couple of crazy months for Sury and me, which has kept us away from our little food blog. We've kept it on our minds every day though, and we hope that now that we're back, some of you will still be around.

Did the title of this post catch you by surprise? Turkey day, this guy must be waaay behind. I know our readers in Uncle Sam's land are certainly thinking that way. Turkey is the traditional dish in Thanksgiving, one of America's most significative holidays, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Thousands of families get together, give thanks for the blessings they received during the year and enjoy the biggest feast of the year. As a matter of fact many American families celebrate Christmas with family and friends, children asleep waiting for Santa while the grownups share a quite evening with lots of lights, eggnog, cookies and carols.

But of course, the world is huge and the traditions vary. For starters we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Peru. But we do have a feast one month later on Christmas Eve. And here too, turkey is the star.

So don't be shy, come in (it's sunny here, summer starting so no need for coats), sit at the table and let me show you what Christmas dinner looks like around here.

Us carnivore beings have an assortment of meat to choose from, from the traditional turkey, to glased ham, chicken roll or smoked pork...

Turkey Breast Slices

Glased Ham

Chicken Roll

Smoked Pork

Make sure to grab a scoop of that delicios Waldorf salad...

And if you are in for something sweet, the traditional apple puree is ready to serve...

Last but not least, we have an assortment of rice dishes...

Olive Rice
(rice, raisins, onions, black olives, pepper, pecans, bacon, Parmesan)

Arabian Rice
(rice, angel hair pasta, raisins, bacon, Coca Cola, pepper, pecans, paprika, sugar)

Christmas Rice
(rice, white onions, raisins, curry, mushrooms, celery, margarine, ham, pepper, pecans)

Now, if you are like me (my family is very small and we usually keep it very simple), you can grab a few cookies, a nice cup of hot chocolate and a slice of our traditional Panetón (fruitcake) with a generous spread of butter.

Our friend Sury will be also telling us about her own festivals and traditions and the traditional dishes that are present in India. what about you? How do you celebrate? What do you have?

All that's left for me to say is, Happy Holidays to everyone! Thanks for visiting :)

Now grab a plate and enjoy!