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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Chifa I: Chaufa Rice

As you might have implied from my previous posts, Peru is a very interesting place when you talk about food. However, apart from our huge contribution to the world, many things came into ours and the result was very unique. One of those combinations came from the introduction of Chinese food. Peruvians gave it their own spin and created what we know as "Chifa".

Chifa is a part of us, and it's not strange that restaurants that serve this food (Chifas) are always packed. We have all sorts of them, from the very cheap (you can find a Chifa anywhere, no matter how small it is) to the very exclusive and tastier in Capon Street (our very own Chinatown).

Among the most traditional Chifa dishes, there is Wan Tan, noodles and of course, Chaufa Rice. The secret to chaufa rice is Soy Sauce and you serve with chopped pork or chicken... it's a must at every table.

However Chaufa Rice is not just for restaurants. It's a dish so simple that anyone can make it at home without much fuss. All you need is to take a pan and heat up some chopped spring onions (white part separated from green part), diced ham, maybe some chopped red bell peppers (for color) and your choice of meat (can be chicken, pork or even shrimp). Once you have it you add an egg at the center and mix. Then you just prepare rice as you normally do and you add the stuff in the pan plus soy sauce and you stir till it gets this nice brown color.

That's it! The result? Take a look:

Try it, and when you come down to Peru, make sure you go to a good Chifa, and get some Inka Kola for drinks (more on that soon).



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Hi there,

I thought it might be of interest to you. There was (possibly still is) a Peruvian restaurant in Los Angeles that serves Chifa.

I think most of the other Peruvian places serve at least a few Chifa dishes.

By Anonymous ji Young, at 12:34 AM  

Hola Cesar!
Great blog and great name for a blog. I enjoyed reading your Chaufa posting- fits in with what I've been researching for the second season of a TV show shot in Toronto, Canada called Street Eats that I work for. We're dedicating an entire episode to the vast and diverse foods of Peru. I spent 7 weeks in Cuzco two years ago and LOVED it! It's a special place indeed. Thanks for the posting amigo- que estes bien.

By Anonymous Mary Luz Mejia, at 8:10 AM  

If you're looking for good Chaufa in PDX try Choza's (one of the food carts at 9th & Alder). Just finished a bit plate - yummy!

By Blogger dolan, at 2:40 AM  

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