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Monday, April 10, 2006

¡Muchas Gracias!...

...dear fellow food bloggers :). Ever since we started this blog, my life has been a feast. And not just virtually. Really. Not only have I been having a wonderful time relshing the delectable treats on offer on food blogs such as yours, I have also had some fantastic culinary explorations by way of cooking your recipes and enjoying the bites for real.

It doesn't hurt to post some of these mouthwatering phenomenas as they turned out in my kitchen. Please forgive me if the photographs don't do justice to the actual dishes. I am terrible with the camera. As for taste, I can give you the testimony of a devoted food lover (yours truly) that these are gems you would like to produce again and again. What's more, they are easy to prepare. With many thanks then, here we go:

1. Cesar's Peruvian Rice Chicken. Prone to experimenting, I added a dash of lemon grass to Cesar's list of ingredients. If you are a chicken lover, you have to try this. Lovely taste of peppers, peas, corn, chili (it's a pity we don't get aji here), all blending with the succulent chicken and delicious rice.

2. Brinjal-Ginger Curry from Indira's Mahanandi. Ever since I saw the recipe and her terrific image, I knew I had to make this. It took me a while to finally get to it, but the result was delightful all the same. The taste of ginger and coriander was new to me in a brinjal preparation, and I did like it a lot. I used green brinjals in place of the violet ones. I don't think that altered the taste too much though, because I am going to make this quite often now. Thanks Indira :)

3. Cesar's Tuna Pasta. This one was long overdue, and when I finally couldn't wait anymore, I went ahead and made it with spirali instead of the bow-tie Cesar suggested. But hey, what's cooking without a little creative license? Since the first time I made it, it's been much in demand at our home. You can tell why ;)

4. Anthony is one person I can always trust for recipes. His confident stance, passion for cooking, and mature taste buds are probably the reason behind that. Well, I must say, this self-proclaimed Maharaja of bachelor cooking doesn't have any reason to be modest. For his recipe delivers 100% to attest to that self proclamation. I tried his Green Moong Khichdi the other night for dinner and was bowled over by its deliciousness. And I didn't even add a dollop of ghee or butter to the hot khichdi. It still tasted finger-licking delish. Definitely something I will come back to often.

5. And to round off this mouthwatering spread, what could be better than a very Indian dessert? A big thank you to Ashwini for sharing the recipe of Lapshi. It turned out rather nice, and I reckon there's quite a bit of nutrition packed in it too. All sweet lovers out there, don't miss this one.

It was a joy to savour all these unknown treats, and I know there will be many more explorations in the times to come. I do feel a little dwarfed in the midst of such seasond kitchen experts as you all, but as long as I can try out such lovely food, I am not complaining. I am just smiling--with a mouthful or three ;)


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Hi Sury - it is VCC's deadline today for the submission of entries. We miss your entries. See you tomorrow at the VCC show. Cheers!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:17 PM  

Hey am I pleased as punch that you tried out lapshi! Glad you liked it Sury

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:29 AM  

I must link your blog! :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:22 AM  

Thanks, Ana! I have linked yours too, although it's difficult for me to understand (lost in translation, :P). I am sure Cesar will be able to enjoy it though. Thanks for dropping by :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:48 AM  

I am glad you had success with the recipe and liked it. Muchas Gracias, Sury!

All other recipes you tried look great, particularly Ashwini's Lapshi.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 AM  

Thanks for dropping by, VKN. You did make me submit a last-minute entry after all :P.

Ashwini, it was a joy to make and taste lapshi. Was very well received at home :)

Thanks for the kind words, Indira. I am sure I am going to add many more bookmarks from your blog. What a treat! :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:23 AM  

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