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Sunday, February 19, 2006

India Calling

Foodie events hosted by Indian bloggers

Let me start with a disclaimer. I know this is an Indo-Peruvian blog and thus not restricted to things Indian. But I write this post with the kind approval of Cesar. At the same time, we are also shouting out to other food bloggers from South America, if there are any. Do send us your URL; we will be more than happy to link you and spread the word!

Over the past few months of blogging, I have been hooked to the wide array of Indian food blogs out there. The variety these blogs bring is as diverse as the landscape and indeed foodscape of India itself. I have learned tremendously from all these wonderful journals, and the journey continues.

So this is just to give a heads up to fellow food bloggers about events hosted by Indian food bloggers. These make for a great way to learn about Indian cuisine and are also fun to take part in. So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin the show right away.

1. From My Rasoi: Hosted by Meenakshi, whose blog Hooked on Heat recently won the award for Best New Indie Blog (Yay, Meena!), this is a theme-based event held every month. The first two events garnered a huge response and the excitement just keeps growing with each new episode. There are still a few days left for you to send in entries for this month’s episode. For details, hop over to Meena’s blog here .

2. Virtual Cooking Competition: None other than the Chef de Cuisine of the immensely popular blog My Dhaba brings this quarterly contest for food bloggers from the world over. The theme for the first contest is Appetizers (any cuisine). Deadline is March 31, so cook up your best entry. Find details here .

3. Curry Mela: And finally, from the self-proclaimed (and Sury-endorsed) Maharaja of bachelor cooking, Anthony , comes this veritable weekend feast. In this, Anthony painstakingly presents a mouthwatering line-up of recipes and entries he selects from Indian and International blogs through the week. He is always on the lookout for tempting recipes, so if you come across one while hopping blogs, please send him the link. Curry Mela is a round-up no food lover would like to miss. Go check it out now!

Here’s to a joyous continuation of these super events with the hope for more to join in the show. Cheers!


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Hi Sury and friends,
Congratulations on your slang book. I've linked my Web page, Bob Farley (dot com) to your publisher's site and my blog to this one. I don't write about a lot of cooking, but lately, I've been doing a lot of cookie. I find it extremely soothing and comforting, and sometimes even delicious. Sometimes it takes a while, but as a great comic once said, "I made instant oats and then did nothing for an hour. I could have made the regular kind of oats and accomplished something."

One of my favorite recipes involves carrots, raisins, honey, and curry, so I will keep a watch on this site.


By Anonymous Bob, at 1:04 AM  

Bob Farley left his imprint here! So glad to see the comment, Bob. And thanks for the kind words on the book. Thanks for linking as well; I will be linking your blog and website here too.

Isn't cooking such a joy? I completely relate to the soothing aspect. The process itself is so comforting that I rarely worry about the end result. Ususally it's always edible though, and sometimes even delicious, like you say.

Keep checking in more often :)

By Anonymous Sury, at 1:46 PM  

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